Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Local Conger

Here is what We do for Conger(ell) .

After we bought fish, I cut and took out conger's visceral.
and wash them.

Then, cut out head , caudal fin and dorsal fin.

In my sushi restaurant, We use Sake, Mirin, soy-sauce and sugar
If you cook the any kind of fish, you should boil(flambe) sake and mirin at first.
this way It comes out sake and mirin of sweetness and flavor.
When you cook any kind of meat, you don't have to do this because you cook long time.

after you flambe sake and mirin, put the water, sugar,  and soy-sauce.
once it became boil, put the conger ell.

 I put the head too. Those are too hard and no meat so you can't eat
but they bling good taste!

I always pay attention during boiling, and took out the lye.  
We keep boil with low and tender fire for 20-30 minutes.
Then stop the fire and left for few hours with soup in order to permeate a taste .

I use our Local conger from Osaka sea.
Therefore I use the logo mark of "Osaka san mon (produced by Osaka)".

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