Monday, April 23, 2012

Does this look like a parsley?

Last month ,There was a phone call from the Japanese NHK TV station.
The AD was a woman and she was very nice person.

AD: I wonder if you could carve a carrot..

Me: Yes! what shall I make?

AD : ....Could you carve carrot into a parsley?

Me : Oh..... What!?

She explained that They make a program featuring a parsley.
The people do not eat a parsley, but what kind of reaction
if other vegetables do the same form?
Do they eat? or only as for watching it?

Anyway, I decided to make it.
Here are the parsley which I made with a carrot.
How does it look like?

I made some of them and took a photo
with a  bunch of parsley.

After all, It did not comply with a broadcast content,
and the plan was not realized.

but it was very interesting work!
I wonder... What if I make them with other vegetables?

Then I tried!

Here are the parsley  with different kind of vegetable. lol

Thank you for reading all the time, everyone!


Anonymous said...

the cucumber looks most like the parsley, probably because it is also green.

The carrot looks like a chrysanthemum to me

oki said...

Thanks for the comment Teresa,
chrysanthemum..yes, that is true!