Monday, October 06, 2014

Osaka piece tower

My work showed on in part of  TV program "OSAKA Honwaka TV" (which means..let's say... OSAKA Relax TV)
I have made a lot of vegetable carving.

I have made a main personality "master Jinpachi".

I made him with sweet potato  from his picture.

I made sushi cake too!!! but this wasn't show up on tv.
but TV crew took a wonderful picture, so let me put this on here.

This is the main vegetable carving! I name it "the OSAKA peace tower".
the Pumpkin in Japan is very hard.
That is why I used the saw to slice them in 4 pieces.

I made small parts and build them on pumpkin
just like the picture below.

1st level : 2 elephants (sweet potatos)

2nd level : 3 swans (kyo-potatos)

3rd level:  3 hearts (red(pink) daikon)

They are the symbol of peace and happiness,
That is why I build them.

on the top...... yes, it's phoenix!!
made with carrot.

In order to make the intervals of work these,
I do not know the exact production time....
but I guess I need ten ours for this.

Thank you everyone!

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