Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Question and Answer

Thank you for sending me your question about sushi and vegetable carving through e-mail and comment on this blog.

This time I'ld like to answer some of your Questions.

Q1,about sushi cake.
Do you cut them into slices or do they come apart like individual rolls?
A :Yes
I or customers cut the sushi cake into pieces like below.
8-10 peaces...It's up to you!

Do you incorporate any sauce to act as frosting?
not especially. When you eat.. I recommend just soy sauce because
I want you to taste it simple way.
Sushi rice and seafood...as it is the taste of nature.

Q2. Could you please explain the steps and equipements used for 
making each item (of vegetable carving)?

A: Here is some example.
It looks likely difficulty If you look at the finished photo, but it is not to difficult to do it little by little.

you need to prepare a small and thin knife.
I use my own Japanese traditional knife,

but you can use the knife for fruit carving knife too.
You can find this one at any place , I think.

first of all, I will cut Daikon into round slices to about 8cm.
then I draw a draft of the rabbit.

Then, along the picture wrote, to cut the depth.

To cutting the corners of all, try to make them rounds.

Then, Then the front, back side cut corners in the same way.

Complete!   All you need is practice practice and practice!!


Q. I heard that near Lake Biwa in Japan there is trdition to prepare sushi using comon carp meat. 
Do you know If common carp sushi would be good and taste?

A: I think you are mentioning about , "FUNAZUSHI"
it is a Crucian carp sushi.
It is a traditional food to make a special recipe from more than 1000 years ago.

I never try to make this sushi but here is the step.

/put a lot of salt on the fish and leave them on 3 month.
 /wash and clean(take the scale) the fish
/put the rice a lot on and around fish
/then leave them for few more month for let them fermentation.

I found the video. it's run by Japanese subtitle but you'll see how to make.
youtube--- FUNAZUSHI

as you can see, to make this sushi, I think you need a lot of fish at once and 
need experience.

I hope this will help for you guys!

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