Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Autumn has come!

The summer was very hot here in Osaka.....but
Now is september and feels like an agreeable season has come!

I made a lot of sushi cake in this summer.
Let me introduce some of them.

I use a lot of time to make each one...I always try to make sushi cake
as wonderful gift for the customer.

Birthday present who loves the baseball.
the ball made by squid and nori.
The cap and uniform were made by vegetables.

Premium sushi cake.

The Birthday present for kids Who loves this animation.

This was my friend's order who own his wine shop.

I carved himself with carrot and sweetpotato looking at his picture on iphone.

if you are living in Kyoto area and if you look for the wonderful wine......
visit his wine shop!!
Carve tanakaya

This is  sushi cake for take-out.

This was an order from company of company of car auction.

Birthday gift from the lady to her father.

It was a gift for the person who loves one's dog.
and more....

Let me say , Congratulations everyone, and thank you so much!

When I make a sushi cake for special order,  the price is become higher, but
I think good surprise for the guest for sure.

Visit my shop  if you live in Japan!  Minayoshi' s Sushi Cake


Vincent Panker said...

Great blog! Love the sushi cakes, this is the best idea I have seen geared towards sushi! How do these cakes work? Do you cut them into slices or do they come apart like individual rolls? Do you incorporate any sushi sauces to act as frosting?

oki said...

Hi vincent,
Thank you for visiting my website.
I just answered your question on my new article.
I hope you like it. thank you!