Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Can't wait SW EP7!

I can't wait until 2015!
Many people  want him back to screen!
General, Prepare my ship!

Yes vader.....It is under construction now.

Hold on for a moment. I'll show you the procedure.
First of all, I open a pie sheet in the form of the starship.

then I put the salmon and the flatfish on a pie sheet.
Do not forget to season with salt and pepper!

then cover with a pie sheet.
and put the egg york over a pie before you bring it to the oven.
then.....it is ready.....
Lord Vader.....here is your TIE Fighter!!

It is not a TIE Fighter.....
It's a Pie Fighter!!



I wish you enjoyed it..... :)


Anonymous said...

I laughed very hard at this. :)

oki said...

I'm glad if you enjoy it :)

j0najum said...

Hahahah......It was so funny,But I was amaze of the people who create that..