Monday, January 16, 2012

sashimi plate

It is important that the sashimi uses the fresh fish.
I try to express "sea itself" on a dish whenever
I cook a sashimi dish.

For example..sea bream.
I left the skin of sea bream partially and
set a fish to a dish.
I usuall try to show the fish fly up over the sea..

I take off the turban shell from a shell and I boil the bowels.
Also I make sashimi with a body of turban shell.

The lobster excludes and slices the body being raw and then boils the husk to use a beautiful color.

I do the best for all of ingredientss.

Then put together....
"The sea" is completed on a dish in this way.

Bon appetit!!


Štěpán said...

oki, this is great!

Štěpán said...

I used to visit this blog and today I make sushi for my family after a long long time, so I came here for some inspiration. But everything you've got here is way far from my skills:] good job

oki said...

Thank you so much for coming back and leave the coment! You did make a sushi at home...sounds wonderful! how was the taste?
Give my regard to your family and
Thanks you again!

Štěpán said...

it is finally possible to buy fresh fish near my house - so it tasted good. but it didnt LOOK anything like what You do:) have a nice day and good regards from Czech Republic!

oki said...

Thank you stepan.
It is good hear that you can buy fresh one!
keep on try making a nice food :)
you too..Have a wonderful day!