Friday, September 02, 2011

The Carrot Darth Vader Strikes Back

Recently I found the Video that I thought deleted it
by mistake...

Yes...! It's a Video of the carrot vader!

Please watch my video if you cannot wait for Blu-ray of SW:)
It will on sale in September 16...
Do not forget to make a reservation:)

During the film...the BGM played by naopi0418.
You can watch many wonderful Electone performances of naopi0418
in youtube =from here.

Now..Feel the power of vegetable :)!

I wish you enjoy the video:)


GhibliGirl27 said...

I love your carvings! Please make more.

oki said...

Thank you GhibliGirl27,

Yes I will do more!
please come back again sometimes. :)