Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Japan's New Prime Minister

Meet our new Prime Minister
"Yoshihiko Noda".
He is the 95th Prime Minister of Japan.

Actually He is already the sixth prime minister in recent five years.
besides, He is the person whom the name is least known to so far....
But that doesn't matter for us.

His catchphrase(Theme) is どじょう(loach).
He said,
"I crawl like a loach and do good work patiently"

He said that top priority problem is the revival
from East Japan earthquake disaster and
the convergence of the Fukushima nuclear plant accident.

Also, in a typhoon of the day before yesterday
much damage gave to the Kansai area.

The ruling party, the opposition party... does not matter.
We know they have a lot of reason to against each other but
It is time all people cooperate,
and to do the best with every effort now.

Go for it!!

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