Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Saiku sushi

I made a sushi of fish.

Some of you will think in this way.
"are you and sushi?"

no, I mean..
It is a meaning of the fish-shaped

At first, form the rice as a shape of fish.

put the Yellow(egg), Red(powder of shrimp) and Nori.

slice the an amberjack very thin.

And I cover up a rice with a slice of an amberjack.
You can also use the Squid or flat fish, sea bream..

completed!! The sushi of the carp.

This kind of sushi called "saiku sushi 細工寿司"
It is the technic of making sushi into various form.

Saiku sushi is pleased with celebration day or
special day.
We don't do this so often.

Sushi is ...healthful,delicious,beautiful..
There are Many reason to have!

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