Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vegetable Monster Rex

a long time ago, in the forest far , far away....

It was the very peaceful day.
Until that ferocious monster appears ・・

The beautiful Butterfly were playing..

A rabbit and the butterfly play hide-and-seek at a flower bed..
It was the quiet autumn afternoon.

Here is another rabbit also playing with butterfly..

Suddenly, That Dangerous monster appeared !
but the rabbit didn't recognize that ferocious one..

The rabbit finally noticed a monster,but was already too late...!
it's so big!!

The rabbit seems to be eaten by a terrible monster! 
oh Noooo!

but....don't worry.....


Actually, They are very close friends ♪

An animal and the monster of the forest are lived peacefully...forever.


How was the world's first fairy tale with the vegetables carving? lol

This monster called "Tiga Rex(ティガレックス)".
It is a monster coming up to very popular game in Japan
"monster hunter 3 (モンスター・ハンター3)".

I made this work by the request of my friend.
It was the first time for me to make the video game character.

Here is how to make :)

I used 4-5 carrot this time.

I made the Face first..all the time.

After having made each part,then put them together.

I made an effort to carve a fearful monster.
However, I see it cutely also.... lol

Thank you for reading , everyone:)

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