Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Star wars Celebration5 announced!

some times I write about star wars in my blog
because I am a star wars Fan.

The summer of 2008, I went to
SW Celebration Japan with my friends
and we had wonderful time.

now, summer of this year,the Celebration 5 announced!

to Celebrate for SW Celebration 5,
I would like to dedicate my vegetable carving
Which I made recentry(a year or 2).
I'ld like to thank to everyone who brought
such a great movie for us.
also thnaks to my precious friends...!

Those are not for sell of cource....just have fun!
I hope you enjoy them!

All these carvings are made by carrots,
Japanese radish and a sweet potato, so on.
to make green colors for potato,I use food red with water.

I really wish I could go to Celebration 5.....
but it is very far away and Oct 12-15 are tough time to
take holiday for my restaurant....Nooooo!


Lamar said...

Your "artwork" is always awesome, my friend! ^)^

oki said...

hello, my friend!
I'm glad to read your comment always!