Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Star wars in Kobe

The Kobe festival parade was performed
grandly on May 16.
I participated in a parade as a member of Japanese
SW fan group "Jedi order".

Here is the link of the movie of youtube an audience took.
Kobe Parade2010 jedi order

Also here are my new star wars vegetable carvings.

tauntaun with Han solo (sweet potato and carrot)

Ahsoka-tano (sweet potato)

Special thanks to Jedi order, and Robert!


Hawkwood said...

Edible art, Oki! How many sculptors can say that what they make is not only entertaining but delicious as well? (You might remember me as 'spookysaurus' on your Youtube video thread.)

oki said...

Hi, Thank you for visiting here again!
I made over 120 sculpture(for star wars..almost 40)
I usually put them for stew or curry or simply make them as fry.
I steam the this carving and us it for sweet potato cake.
please come buck again sometimes!

oki said...

In addition... Sometimes I put the carvng for display as long hours...
in this case you can not taste them because they are not fresh already..
but I believe those vegetable are very valuable for a people, more than food!