Sunday, March 04, 2012

3D vegetable Star Wars carving

It is one year from the North Japan earthquake disaster in next Sunday.
The earthquake-related news has been increased in Japan.
It is still very sad.

All I can do is do my Best everyday..
to make a delicious food, nice carving and make people smile.

Now, Star Wars is back in movie theather!
Have you watched Star Wars EP1 3D?

In Japan,it will start on screen in 16th of March.
I just can't wait!

I made the Sweet "Jar Jar" potato

with ........

delux "3D" turnip grasses!

This is a photograph carving a tooth.

I'm looking forward to watch the Star Wars at
the big screen again!

and I decided to go to the world biggest Star Wars event
"Star Wars Celebration 6" at orlando in This summer!

Actually, taking a long holiday is very difficult for me, in my situation.
My latest summer vacation was in 2008, I took four days off at that time.
my last travel in abroad was more than 10 years ago.. lol
therefore 1 week holiday is going to be very big decision for me.

But I just don' want to regret!!
This is going to be my first staying in United state.
I just Can't wait!
If you are also Star Wars fan...let's go for it!
Hope to see you at there :)

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