Wednesday, July 18, 2012

special sushi cake with veggie carving!

I've made a special plate for the TV program called "restaurant of magic"
The theme was "Keihan railways".
It was a plan to express a train and the scenery along the line with sushi and vegetable carving!!!

As you can see the pic...I made a many things with sushi and vegetable carving.
click the pic then you can see the detail.

vegetable carving for....
  • 2 of comedian
  • Osaka Castle
  • budda
  • cars
  • many kind of flowers
  • a rabbit
  • a squirrel

Sushi for....
  • KEIHAN Roll
  • jumbo sushi cake
  • sushi of train
  • Ferris wheel
Also the sashimi of flowers.

We made our sushi course too.

one more thing..... I made the sculpture of the actress
 in the narrators of the TV program.

Maybe...... I'm the first person who make the vegetable carving of the person in the world :)

Hope you enjoy them :)

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