Thursday, March 07, 2013

Apple Swan

This time, I'ld like to introduce to you how to make a
Swan of Apple.

This is very good for a party.

 At first, cut the bottom of Apple in this way (cut like an illustration like below)
I incline the apple like an illustration because I'ld like to cut a feather toward to up.
We use the bottom of Apple for a neck, so please keep it.

next ....Let's  make wings!
Cut it in order of a photos like below.
You cut the upper part of the feather

Then you turn an apple 90 degrees and cut the part under the feather

take out a feather part from an apple,
and repeat the work of the photo below
 as three times toward to  the inside.

Here is The image of  completed of the wing.
If you cut it finely, it looks more beautifully.

also  cut the contralateral feather in the same way.
You can cut two bases first, and make a wing,
or you make a wing one by one...
it depends on you.

Next, making the neck and face. you almost there!
let's cut it like the pic below.

well done! otsukaresama deshita!(in Japanese)

if you combine the swan with other fruit,
much more fun!
Please try it in your home party, and enjoy your fruits!!

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