Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The next challenge..

I will get participate with Europe carving championship 2
from October1-4th at moscow, russia.

 I'll take a part of individual competition for 3days.
1st day :Haloween (homework)
2nd       :  3D bird (3 hours)
3rd        : 2water melon and 2 papayas.(3 hours)

4th day is team competition but
I am going there by myself so I'll I observe it.

I'm just nervous for some point...

1. I need to carry the many of vegetable from Japan because
We have to decorate our table quickly.
I'll be arrive in moscow at the night of the day before so
there is no time to carve....
So I will carve beforehand before leave Japan.
I wish I could bring the vegetable carving safely....

2. I don't do thai carving usually, but it is the theme of 3rd day,
so I began an practice from this month....
It is not enough time to make a good one.

3,I wish they have similar vegetables like we have...

Anyway, I wanted to go there because there will be so many wonderful
vegetable artist and vegetable carving...
I'm still nervous to go there alone but
I'm looking forward to meet them.

Therefore I'll close my restaurant nearly one week.
I'm sorry for customers...
but I'll become more powerful
when I come back!

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