Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Appear to TV

My work wwas on TV program "ohayo call (which means morning call)
It was on 5:10 am in dec.10th in Kansai area on Channel 6.
My appearance time was short(almost 4 and half minute) but
it was fun!

Actually I made a lot vegetable carving for this week.
I made for my friend and restaurant but Fortunately It
overlapped with a TV coverage :)

The santa clause (sweet potato and carrot)

The band (sweet and kyo potato, egg-plant)

pumpkin house for small animals

pumpkin chest

and sushi cake for christmas!

Then I made a Logo of the name of TV proglam.
I wish you enjoyed!


Julie Kelly said...

I liked your work. It's very impressing. I am a big fan of sushi cake. Keep up the good work.

oki said...

Thank you:) I'm glad you like my work!
I'll update some other sushi cake soon.