Sunday, May 04, 2014

May the 4th be with you!!

Today is  Star Wars Day!!

I've been making so many "Star Wars "vegetable carving since 2005.
The character that I made most is R2D2 of course!

I collect them for May the 4th  :)
I made those for my friends and myself.
Thank you all of my friend in Japan, america, and all over the world!

Carrot ( actually this was my first star wars vegetable carving)

sweet potato


Daikon candle 

Daikon with food color

Ice carving !  
eh......well, I agree it went melt so soon...

Daikon R2 with Carrot Jawa


Daikon R2-D2 with his lovely tools

carrot R2 and Daikon R5D4

Those are my memorial R2 and R4 which I made in  Celebration 6!!
I made R4(left) at Star Wars University.
I made R2(middle) and C3-PO at the fan booth.
Mr.Anthony took picture with this was wonderful memory.

(found this picture at The Scrappy Jedi . Thanks for the article!)

Celebration 6 was one of my most wonderful experience of my life.
I did a demonstration for one hour at the Star Wars University.

This was our booth.

I made a lot of vegetable Star Wars carving for 4 days.

by the way, Are you going to Celebration 7?
Me? Yes  I'm planning to go there too!!
I wish we could have a booth and panel again and
I wish I could meet my friends!!

Here is the last one today.
one day, I Put  tires on him. 

I made his  body with Daikon,
and I made tires with sweet potato.(because they are more solid than Daikon)

May the 4th be with you! 


Julie Kelly said...

I must say your are a great artist. You have made lot of interesting things with the food which I can't even imagine. Keep up the good work.

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oki said...

Thank you Julie! :)