Tuesday, March 15, 2016

1 day Sushi School in Osaka

Last week, We had new students in our Sushi class.
They are American and staying in Thailand to teach English.
This time they visited Japan for 5 days(Tokyo 3 days and Osaka 2 days).
They visited our restaurant even thought they only stay 2 days in Osaka!
I can't say thank them enough!

They work very well and made a delicious sushi!

I really wish that they'll have a wonderful time in Thailand.
and hopefully they'll be back to Japan someday.
Thank you again!

Please check out detail from the page>>>> Sushi Cooking School for Foreigners Sightseers


restaurant sushi Montreal said...

Sushi is very delicious. I also like the way of dedication for new recipes is very impressive. Nice Post!

oki said...

Thank you for visiting from Montreal!
I've been there and my favorite city still!
I look at you HP and look so yammy...
keep up the excellent work!!