Sunday, June 10, 2007

why is it?

When we mix vinegar with rice for sushi, we use a wooden pail and rice scoop.
Why must it be a wooden pile!?
because wooden pail absorbs extra liquid flowing from rice,
finished in the "syari(sushi rice)" that is in a good conditions.
one more word today. speaking about "Gari".
Ginger of the slice which soaked in sweetened vinegar,it is called
It is called GARI Because when you eat, it make a sound "gari""gari."
or when you slice ginger, it make a sound.


stepan said...

hi! I want to ask something. When I prepare vinegar for rice with sugar and salt, how much vinegar/salt/sugar should I use for 1 cup of rice? I read that for 5 cups of rice its 7 spoons of vinegar, 1 spoon of salt and 4 spoons of cugar - but how can I mix so much sugar and salt with little vinegar? It wouldn´t never dissolve! Thanks.

oki said...

you are right. I guess you should put more vinear I think.
1o~ spoon vinegar maybe?

we do completely different way.
first of all, we use 20 litre of vineger in a pot at one time.
you know about cooking,so you understand that taste improves so that there is much it if there is much quantity to make?

bye the way I answered your question about gari...did you know?

please keep practicing...!

Stepan said...

thanks for your answers...these days I think about realizing my dreams, delay my high school and go for a year or two to japan to learn how to make sushi. And I think about how ot do that - you know, japan is for me very foreign, I dont understand the language and I dont know where to start. It would be very hard for me, but I know this is the only way how to learn it.

oki said...

have you ever think of study sushi in other countrys?
I've heard there are some cooking school for sushi america and australia.
those schools are theaching by japanese chef.
if you look for, maybe more..I think.
this way is much easier if you look at the language.....

Stepan said...

I see...but I like the whole japanese culture and studying sushi in another coutry looks for me like studying polar bears in africa. And Im not sure if Im looking for a sushi should be more as work when I can learn it

oki said...

wherever there is a will, you'll be find the way.. wish you the best!!