Thursday, September 07, 2006

about me

hi! My name is oki, I'm living in osaka, running a smoll sushi restaurant with my mother and wife.
My job is making a sushi. sometimes I make a The creation food that combined Japanese food with Western food.

This is my challenge to write a blog with english. my english is very broken but I'ld like to introduce a traditional japanese food "sushi" to the world.
Please keep company if you like! oki


Dylan Koishi said...

Hi Oki!
I really enjoyed your blog. I work in a japanese restaurant in Brasil. The restaurant is called Kinu and is located at the Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo. I was born in Brasil but my grand parents were japanese. They came to Brasil about 80 years ago to work at the coffe plantations. Sorry that I don't speak japanese...
Maybe I could ask you some doubts about nihon-ryori that sometimes I have. Is it ok for you?

oki said...

hi, dylan
thank you for left me a message.
I'm glad to read.
I realize that your family name.
sure you can ask me anything!
and you can teach me how is your kitchen too.
I'ld like to know the japanese in brasil.^^

I hope to speak with you some day.
best regard oki