Monday, September 25, 2006

my nigiri style

In the grasp sushi, there is a name depending on each method. do you know?
"kote gaeshi","honnte gaeshi","tategaeshi"so on...

my type is improvement type of "kote-gaeshi" I was taught from my father.
please take a Look if it's all right with you.


Stepan said...

Hello, my name is Stepan and I´m from Czech Republic, that´s a small country in central Europe. I´m very fascinated by sushi, and I´m trying to prepare it very often, but you know, my country is very distant from Japan and it is very difficult to find some good information about its culture and food here. I saw your nigiri style on youtube and i liked it very much. I got lot of problems with my nigiri, my maki sushi is just a little better. Do you think, I could ask you some questions about sushi? Thanks

oki said...

hi,stepan. thank you for visit my blog! you can ask me any time.what kind of question do you have about sushi?

Stepan said...

I have too many questions that i can´t remember them all now:) My main problem is with fish, because its very hard to find fresh raw fish (kind for sushi) in our shops. Tuna and salmon are only frozen here and I heard that it isnt very good. I found halibut once, but sushi made from it was very stinky.
that´s why im using salmon which is smoked.
I tried about 6 simple kinds of sushi but the problem is that its taste is very similar. Quite good, but always the same.
There is problem too with nigiri and its size. I can never make it so small that you can eat it in one bite without choking:)
My questions are:
What should I do with raw fish to not be so smelly and to make good taste ?
What should I do to achieve different tastes of my sushi?:)
Could you publish some recipe for "Gari" (or how is it called, i mean the ginger)?
Could you tell me some your favourite recipe for sushi? Of course if it is not secret.
And how much vinegar, salt and sugar should i put into rice i make it(for example into one cup of rice)
If you could answer at least one my question, i would be very grateful:)

oki said...

thank you stepan.

I just realize your comment today
sorry to reply you delay.
you are real sushi lover!

In japan, there are meny fish market that selling very fresh fishes.
that's because we japanese eat row fish from long time ago, and people think that fish must be fresh.and fresh fish doesn't smell it self.

but these days I asume you can find fresh fish at your countly too.. is it difficult?

sushi need fresh fish.. but your (smoke)sushi is great idea I think.please keep placticing!

I'll write some more answer later.