Sunday, September 10, 2006

my sushi bar

An worker of a restaurant is three people of me and mother and the wife who sometimes help us.

We have 7counter seat,2 tatami room(for 18 people),and
we do Delivery too.

I started my carrier from working at french restaurant and
I work as french cook for 8years.
8years ago, I took after my father's restaurant.

it is a big defference between french and japanese sushi
so especialy first 3years was very tough(still now though:)times.

now I'll be able to offer sushi and French cuisine at my shop.
I think this is a time for me to make my own style food,so
I must do my best,more!

I have several reason that I started this brog.
I'ld like to show what a beautiful food sushi is!
and I'ld like to introduce our culture too.
I'ld like to keep writing for my friends.
I'll post how to make sushi and how to treat fishes later on.

Please keep company if you like!


Rocio said...

I wanted to ask a question: is it true that women in Japan aren't allowed to become sushi chefs? I heard about it but i don't know if it's true. Thanks for your help!

oki said...

hi rocio,
thank you for your question.
it is not true at all!

There are not most, but there are chef sushi of a women, too.

paulissima said...

Hey! Where is your restaurant? You have forgotten to leave the address!