Sunday, September 02, 2012

Star Wars Celebration review part1

It has been a week past......time flys.

Star Wars Celebration6 was awesome!!
I miss the place still...
It was a place of  my dream comes true.

I met a lot of wonderful people at there and
pleasure talking with them.

This is the pic of  when we visited the room of R2-D2 builders.
Thank you McMaster.

with Star Wars Fan!

Aayla with Aayla :) 

I've done the presentation of Star Wars vegetable carving in
this beautiful room of  Star Wars University  at  the 1st day.
I dreamed such a great opportunity to introduce my veggie carvings
for a long time.

I could not expect that there are so many people come...
but when the time I was full of people and some people could not
get in because there are noe seats left!

Actually, I found one person in the front line just before I started.
His name is Mike... the writer of the
This was the first time to meet  him.....but
We have known each other for a long long time.
We shook hands and were pleased with an encounter....
it was a very happy moment!!

Then I started the class.
I introduce about tools, my friends and Jedi order Japan, then my
vegetable carving which I made in past..

Then did the demonstration of how to carve the R5 &R4.

All I can say is......
People (the audience) were just great...They were  wonderful!!
 ....I enjoyed a lot!!

I will never forget about that day.

Thank you so much for being there....thanks a billion!

We also had our booth  for 4days to let people know about our Japanese SW Fan community of
Jedi Order Japan.
we were 4 of us(Jedi Order Japan) went together to run the booth.
It was great team!!

We show how we  enjoy the Star Wars in Japan.
Here is the pic of  us  with Mr .John Morton in our booth!

My friends were participated the Costume contest and
they won the first and 3rd prize.....Great!
They do also very nice move of the Jedi Arts.

Speaking of  carving....I made 11th StarWars vegetable carving during 4days.
It was a real meeting of the most advanced digital technology and old Japanese food art.

Carrot X wing

After I arrived in orlando,  I went to the supermarket by taxi.
then I realize that  vegetable were totally different than I use in Japan!

Therefore I bought which I seemed to be able to use the vegetables.
after all, rutabagas and Parsnips were my favorite.

Here are the Jedis..made by rutabagas.

 I used Parsnip skin for Jabbas body and I quit like it.

Cucumbers were so bigger than Japanese one, therefore
it was easy to carve the Vader and sidious.

If I could use bigger  refrigerator near my booth, I could make more bigger ones.
In everynight, I carried those sculpture to my hotel's room and put them into
small refrigerator.
That is why I prefer to make small carvings than big one. 

There were very many people visited our booth.
I'ld like to say thanks for coming...I miss them all !

There was one thing I missed..... the group photo of the Rebel Legion!
I'm a member of the Rebel since 1995.
But I'm proud of what I was doing..
So maybe next time!


Pepper said...

We were very honored to meet you at Celebration VI. You do wonderful work. You probably will not remember me but I was the lady in the wheelchair that took very close pictures of your carvings. I have not downloaded them yet but if they turned out good I will send them to you on Face Book. Since I cannot walk much I do many things with my hands. I especially enjoy painting, but you have shown me something new to try. I have already purchased the cutting tools you showed us in your class. My daughter-in-law works at a sushi restaurant here in the states. She is going to see if they can make a sushi roll like the one in your pictures that spells Star Wars. I am hoping to learn to carve Star Wars figures and make them to go with the sushi for my son's 16th birthday next month. He is a huge help to me, a huge Star Wars fan and he really enjoyed your class and art. Thank you so much for traveling such a long distance to share your art at the Celebration. It is always exciting to learn and try new things. Thank you.

oki said...

Hi Pepper,
It was thank you so much for visiting my Panel and booth.
Also I appreciate you left me a great message.
Of course I remember you!

your daughter-in-law works at a sushi restaurant..the force is strong between us all:)
Please let her know about my blog and hopefully she can find some idea from here.

The carving may seems difficult at first sight, but if you do step by step..not too difficult!
I suggest making R5 few times and get use to feel the vegetables.

I'm looking forward to see your page of facebook.
Thank you again!