Sunday, September 09, 2012

Star Wars Celebration review part3

review episode 3.
At the 4th day,
we got into ealier and look around the center
because there were a lot of places that we  have not seen.
Those REGO's were outstanding!

There were a lot of  huge wallpaper..
When we walk around, we run into the Mr.James Arnold Taylor
who works as a voice actor of  Clone Wars of Obi-wan!
After the gate open,
We were very busy at our booth as usual.
We enjoyed talking to people and
very happy to show what we were making.
as the final day...
Still There was a person who really wanted to meet.
Her name is Mary, from LFL. .
I'm sure she was the most busiest person in Celebration.
She good takeing care of Star Wars Fan from all over the world.

Meeting with her was one of  my main reason of my trip!

Also My best friend Mike visited our booth.
He was a very handsom and great guy! (read my 1st review)
He wrote about my Panel at the Star Wars University in detail
on the the . Thank you so much Mike!
I'm really looking forward to meet him again in
another Star Wars Celebration!

(At the first day) Mr.Steve Sansweet also visited our booth,
it was present surprize!

Afternoon.... I went to the digital studio for shooting a video
 with Jennifer Landa.
Many of you know about her...she is a big star wars fan herself,
also actress, writer and video blogger.

Here's one of  her report of C6.

Jeni was very beautiful and kind lady.
I talked with her while making a parsnip of R2-D2.
It was so much fun!

She wrote about the meeting on her blog
Thank you so much Jeni!

Speaking about vegetable,
there is one thing that I was surprized...
The vegetables kept a shape for a long time of 4 days.
I thank to the nature.

Master yoda said ....

"you must feel the force around you.
here, between you, me, tree, the rock....everywhere..."

and could be vegetable too!  :)

After the end of 4th day night,
We Japanese team  had dinner together.
It was a unforgettable night.....

After finish the dinner, on the way we go back to hotel.

We could get into the Orange county center and
took a walk little bit.

There was very quiet, but music of my favorite singer
Billy Joel song played....

There are much more to talk about my trip to Celebration but
that all for now.

All of you who came for a booth ,visited W300 for my class,
and readers of my blog.....

Thank you very much and Hope to see you again!

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