Thursday, September 06, 2012

Star Wars Celebration review part2

During the SW Celebration,
Some of my friends were visited at our booth.
Bill ,Ken ,Marjon and some other girls...
They are from the Rebel legion which is  huge fan club of the Star Wars.
I'm also the member of RL since 1995.
It was great meeting..Thank you good guys!!

Also there were wonderful thing happend!!
When Mr Anthony Daniels happened to  pass our booth..
I explained about SW vegetable carving and  veggie C-3PO to him.

He walked toward to our booth and watched
my vegetable carving  ..... then
He said,
"Let's take a photo together you and me, and your vegetable "....!
I was so honored of course!

He is the gentle man and person who has awarm heart and taking
good care of a fan.

(you can look my friend's website from the link)

Here is the picture of Mr.Sanda with my friend Mr.Kobayashi .
 Tsuneo Sanda is one of very famous Japanese SW Artist.
His Art is ...amazing! I respect him and
I really enjoyed talking with him!

I could became a Facebook friend with
wonderful Star Wars Fan Amanda.

I have met a lot, a lot of  great people
who visited my panel and our booth !!

My friends were participated the Costume contest and
they won the first and 3rd prize.....Great!
They do also very nice move of the Jedi Arts.

Here are the paper art and handmade figure made by yuki sibaura.
Her amazing art attracted people so much!
Many people ask her to sell it...but of course she didn't because
we are there for Fan booth.


Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and  my class..
Rick and his lovely wife Tre-Lin, Mark, David,
papper, Marjon...everyone.

Thank you again!

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