Friday, July 15, 2011

vegetable pokemon carving

Today's theme is "pocket monster(Pokemon)"
I am living in Japan, so
I'm no sure how popular pokemon is.. in overseas.

I put every pokemon's name in Japanese way.
Maybe it is different in other countrys.
Which Pokemon do you like?
Hope you enjoy it!

Pikacyu(sweet potato and carrot)

Marumain(Sweet potato and carrot half & half)

Sounanse(white raddish with blue food coller)
he is my favorite.

Manmou(sweet potato & white raddish)

Koiking (carrot & sweet potato)

Rulili (sweet potato with food coller)

All together! :)

I brought these to the kindergarten where a daughter went to.
Children were delight.

one more..
other style of Pikacyu (this is double size of the other one)


Ayu Sakata said...


Catgirl said...

Hello, I run a anime/manga website, and I ran a article on your Pokemon carvings. They are so adorable, I couldn't resist. You can see it here if you want.

Nana said...


oki said...

ありがとう! I visited Your HP. illustration is so cute:)

Thank you for write an article of my carving! your website looks great. Thanks to let me know!

ありがとうございます。日本語メッセージもすごくうれしいです! また見に来てくださいね:)

Katze-Katze said...

Amazing! They look really good!

Oh, and Pokemon is still well known here ;)

Greetings from Europe!

oki said...

Thank you for leave a comment:)
Pokemon is well known in Europe...
that is very good to know!
Plese come back sometimes :D

Chef Annie said...

I am a chef in the USA. I really love looking at all of your pictures. You are very talented! Sushi is one of my favorite foods. Do you think that the sushi was affected by the tsunami and nuclear power plant meltdown? My heart goes out to all of the Japanese that suffered during those times. All of America was saddened for your country. We hope you are doing better now.

oki said...

>chef Annie,
I am honored to have your comment^^
What kind of chef are you?

Thank you ,Thank you so much for concern about Japan's tsunami and nuclear power plant meltdown issue.
It is thought to take it more than ten years to completely revive by that terrieble disaster, but
Fishermen of the stricken area are going to recover itself vigorously.

I'm living in osaka,it is more than 600?700Km away from The stricken area.
Therefore, fish price is not big different before and after the earthquake.Just little bit higher.

Just like you said... Our first worry is nuclear power plant issue.
About meltdown...The overseas media was quicker in information.

The news of radioactivity polluted meat and vegetables Broadcasting every day, but it is still only a few in generally, therefore we watches it calmly but carefully.

All we can do is, moving on and
do our best!
Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I am 10 yrs old and REALLY INTO SUSHI!!!!!! I run a sushi club with my friend. Im not really good at even making KAPPA MAKI so I was blown away with your sushi art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love pokemon! Your blog is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heart the Rulili!!!!!!!!!!!!